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I Changed My Mind

Rachelle Getting Married IS kinda ....Blah

I'm Watching Changeling With Angelina Jolie & So Far it's Great

God I'm Bored

Sunday Nigh-- Doesnt Have anything to do...Really

About To Watch Rachelle Getting Married


Evil Is Always Good For A Cackle

Remember The First Day When I Saw UR Face

I KNow That He Loves Me Cuz He Told ME So
I KNow That He Loves Em Cuz His Feelings Show
He'S Missing Me If HE'S Not Kissing ME
When He Looks @ Me His Brown Eyes Tell Me So

New Moon Movie Trailer


I'm Shaking & Crying This Movie LOOOKS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD

i Can't Wait

Brideshead Revisited

I've Been Meaning TO Watch This Movie For A Long Time Now


Róisín Murphy

We'll make a movie, we'll break into cinema
You'll be director and I'll be your movie star
We'll make a movie, the darlings of cinema
You'll be director and I'll be your movie star

LOVE The Album

New Moon Trailer

i Can't Wait To See The New Moon Trailer tonight During The MTV Movie Awards!!!
I Loved The Book So I'm Pretty Sure i'm Gonna Love The Movie As Well
Right Now I'm Reading Eclipse...it's VERY Good & I Dunno Why I Didn't Get into This Whole Twilight Saga Sooner